Monday, December 31, 2012

California Trip DAY 1

Road trip begins! We headed out early because all of the kids were up so, why not:) It was only a 5 hour drive so we had plenty of time.


We stopped to see these crazy huge dinosaurs and the boys loved them and the break from the truck. It was super windy!


We went up into the gift shop inside the big brontosaurs.


Brandon did great on the road, he enjoyed snacks and messing with Caden:)


When we got to the hotel they said we couldn’t check in yet so we headed to Downtown Disney(outdoor mall connected to Disneyland)


It was really fun, the kids loved this water fall


They got to take turns operating a little boat:)


And hear a talk about a parrot!


The Lego store was amazing!


The kids got to build their own lego cars and race them!


Brandon was a little sick of the stroller! He wanted to get out and play!


We found a super cool store where you can build your own cars! Nate was so excited and the kids FREAKED when Nate said they could build one!


They all picked a body and then tires and rims, then went to the building station.


“Cory” helped them build and was super helpful!


They all loved it! I didn’t get a picture of Ally with hers but she loved it too! After shopping we went in and checked into the hotel! When Grandma and Grandpa got there we went to dinner but I had to take Ally back to the hotel because she wasn’t feeling good.

To be continued…

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