Monday, December 31, 2012

California Day 2

Since Ally wasn’t feeling good she woke us up early and we snuggled in bed with her. We knew it was going to be a hard day for her but we had her stroller so she could rest and we carried her the rest of the time:)


The kids were clawing their way out of the truck when we arrived!


Grandma and Grandpa held the kids hands most of the time and me and Nate usually pushed the strollers or carried the littles.


My first trip to Disneyland! I was super stoked and got teary eyed several times!


We went to city hall to get our “first visit” badge!


We headed straight for tomorrow land! The kids rode the rocket ride that you can see in the distance while grandpa snuck some fast passes for us to another ride.


The kids got their first taste of a line and it was only 15 minutes! LOL They got longer later:)


Next we hit up Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters! The kids all loved it! You rode through and shot laser guns at targets and buzz and zurg were all through it. It was really neat to see the kids faces during it!


Ally even shot here little gun and Got some points!


Drake loved and got lots of points! Brandon was mesmerized by all of the lights and action!


Grandpa rode with Caden and said he got a lot of points, and Jack rode with Grandma.


Ally wasn’t feeling good but she still liked seeing everything.


Next we moved on to Pirates of the Carrabien! This was a really cool one! Another whole family ride! I loved when we could all go on a ride together, even Brandon! Also, Nate says that Brandon would scream at the dips but calm down quickly. Then he passed out before the ride was over! LOL


Next we headed to use our fast passes at STAR TOURS! Grandpa, Nate, Me, Caden and Drake did this one together.


The boys loved it! It was so cool and I was the rebel spy lol it was funny! After the ride the boys were super sad and when we asked why they said, “Grandpa said we were going to fight Darth Vader!?!?!” lol We explained that that was something different and that it would come later and they were thrilled!


After that we headed to the food court to eat lunch. We packed the kids lunches and it was so nice! They didn’t have to wait for food! They dug in why us grown ups grabbed some lunch. I can’t remember when Ally fell asleep but we were glad she did. She needed the rest.073074075076

After the kids ate I took Caden and Drake down to wait 40 minutes for Jedi Training. They were so excited! I explained about 15 times that they might not get picked but that we would still get to watch the show. They both said they were ok with that:)


See Drake? Green shirt.


THEY BOTH GOT PICKED!!!!!!!! I was beyond happy! (one of those tearing up moments!)


They got robes on.


Then got training sabers.


The leading Jedi directed them on how to use it and then taught them some moves.


They were so cute! I loved watching Drake because he kept sticking his tongue out just like his Daddy!


OH NO! The whole stage rose up Darth Vader came out.


And then Darth Maul came too! So creepy!!


They each got a chance to fight! Drake was the first kid to go and it was so funny to see him jump back when Vader started to fight! He did great but totally did his own thing!


Caden fought Darth Maul. He got a little flustered and couldn’t work his saber so she game him hers, then he kicked his but;)


Nate, Caden and I went on Indiana Jones on our own with another fast past!


It was very cool and Caden said he liked it but truth be told I think he was scared but still enjoyed it.


Next we all went on the Jungle cruise. It was alright but the line was long for such a short little ride. The nice thing about the long lines was that they moved fast so it wasn’t so bad. The kids seem to like it.


Later we caught the parade and the kids started melting down. Brandon and Ally started crying ant the boys went in to hyper mode! This awesome family took them on their laps and fed them grapes and let them sit with them the whole parade!


Poor Ally!


Once the Parade started the kids were thrilled! they sat so still waving and watching.


Ally got to see the Princesses. I was so excited but she seemed completely unimpressed.



I was a little sad that she didn’t care and I handed her to Nate and then suddenly she was excited and smiling saying, “Daddy, dat Belle!!!! Dat Pincess Belle!” It was so cute!


Waving to Santa!


After taking the kids home and putting them to bed, Nate’s Parents let us go back to the Park for our Anniversary! (7 years!)


We had fun and enjoyed Fantasmic and went on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad before we were so tired that we crawled back to the hotel lol yup we are getting old! HA!


To be Continued…