Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Caden turns 6!

He opened Presents from Grandma and Grandpa early because Grandpa was in town to pick up his car! Cuteness when he opened the Lego set(a smaller version of the VERY expensive one that he wanted), Grandpa Packer says, “Is that the one you wanted?”, Caden says, “No but I like it!” ?In the sweetest voice and with a big smile! So sweet and honest!


He woke up to a scavenger hunt and followed the clues to find his new multi-colored crayonsSmile


Cheerios for breakfast! His request!


My big 6 year old!!!!


Random picture of Ally pulling corn in school!


I helped Drake make Caden a money sorting bank for his birthday present.


Caden invited 1 friend to Red Robin for his Birthday dinner. He chose his Friend TJ from church and they had a great time! We always order water at restaurants but TJ asked for a sprite and Caden said “I’ll have a sprite too!” with out missing a beat! Like he orders it all the time! It was so cute!!!


Aunt Summer and Zoey Joined us too!


Afterwards we came home and he opened a few more presents(we had already given him his bike but forgot to get a picture)


Then we ate his AWESOME Iron man cake that Aunt Summer made!


He loved his Birthday and he told us so several times!

Another fun thing I want to remember is that me and Nate went in his room in the morning and sang happy birthday to him. He slowly woke up as we sang and when we were done he THREW himself into Nate’s arms with such emotion! It was so sweet to witness! He loves his Daddy so much!

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