Sunday, March 25, 2012

Jack’s Birthday!

Me and Nate worked the night before on making this track for Jack to wake up to! We added tunnels, buildings, animals and people! We bought some electric trains that worked great with the ikea trains we already had!


I also made his train Cake the night before! It was fun and Nate helped me figure out a few of the last details.


Jack LOVED the track in the morning!


We have a tradition around here where the birthday boy gets to pick what he wants for breakfast and we put sprinkles and a candle on it. Then we sing them happy birthday and they blow out the candle. Jack Loved this!


He loved all of his presents from Grandma and grandpa packer, especially the choo choo train sheets!


We went down to the school room for a while(Nate was working this morning so I was trying to fill the morning with fun stuff) Jack played marble maze!


After Nap we were off to the train Park. I made snack bags for the kids to eat on the way and the loved that.


Jack was so excited to see the trains!


H was thrilled just to sit on the train but sooooooo happy when it started going!


Siblings loved it too!


Once it started moving Jack got quiet and very interested in the tracks and how the wheels were moving. I think he could have stayed on that train for hours!


Waving to people!


The engine of the train we rode


Jack was not a fan of the horse!


I quickly moved him to the covered wagon and he was much happier


As we left the kids walked along the track with Daddy!


Then we had Spaghetti and “Meat”balls and Cake and Ice cream at our house with the Wilcox cousins and Aunt Summer!


Over all Jack had a great 3rd birthday and was so happy about all of the activities and the presents and food:) Love that little Jackie Bear!

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