Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Fun!

We went to an egg hunt in down town glendale and Caden was very patient!
Drake was not! He hated it and didn't get any eggs:( We decided to leave and do our own egg hunt at home so that Drake would have more fun!
Caden enjoyed it but even he thought it was short lived! Love that he was running ahead! So cute!
So we decided to do our own hunt since the other one was a bust! We colored some eggs with crayons:)
Caden's egg is on the left and Drakies is on the right:) They used some stickers too:)
We hid all of the real eggs and plastic eggs in our front yard!

The boys loved the hunt!

Nate helped moderate so that Caden didn't get them all! It was really sweet because he would tell Caden that Drakie didn't have very many so Caden would say, "look Drake, there's one over here!" and Drake would get it! Caden is such a loving big brother!
Drake checking out his stash!
Caden thrilled with the fruits of his hunt!
They were excited to open the eggs and eat the candy! It looks like a lot but there were only 3 little baggies each and they ripped them all open all over the floor!

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