Monday, February 22, 2010

Having Fun!

Caden is becoming quite the little builder which makes me desperate for those unit blocks from Costco! He asked me not to take a picture of him but said I could take a picture of what he was building:)
Drake was having so much fun with this rocking horse and I have a video of it for later.

Feeding his horse:):):)
Caden still loves the computer and amazes me as he plays!
More building, this time with foam blocks. He said he built a castle and then played a game of "crash" with Jack. He builds towers and then encorages Jack to come knock them down:) They both love it!
This next picture amazed me! Drake drew this on the chalk board and then said "Jesus, Earth" I thought it was cute and then I remember what he broght home from church yesterday!
This was the first thing he brought home that he had actually colored! If you look at it in the tray it looks just like his drawing! So cool!
Jack and Zoey enjoying their Soy Milk.

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