Saturday, September 12, 2009

Drake Making Friends at the park!

I watched from a for as this little scene unfolded so I couldn't here what was happening but I took a guess:)
Drake-"Hmmm, I like the Sand" Drake- "Hey, do you want to play with me?"
New Friend- "Sure, ok, what do you want to do?"
Drake- "I don't know What do you want to do?"
They dig in the sand for a while
Drake- "Sand is Cool"
NF- "Yeah, I guess"
NF- "I gotta go!"
Drake- "Hey, where are you going!?"
Drake- "Nevermind, I found a new friend. Do you like Sand?"
NF2- " I love Sand!!"
Drake- "Try putting your head in it like this:)"
Drake- "Whew, Making friends is a lot a work, lets take a break.

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