Sunday, March 8, 2009

more pictures

All of the kids coming down the stairs in the morning. Patricia and Leora are behind the boys in the green shirts.
Jante with Baby Moses
Patricia with Baby Moses
Caden didn't want to give the baby up! He wanted to hold him the whole time!!!
Drake wanted nothing to do with the baby and even pushed him away at one point!

We took a walk while Misty was nursing and spending time with the girls and a Fire fighter invited Caden to see the truck. Caden was very excited untill all of the big Firefighters started coming toward the truck and then he got really shy. They gave him a hat and a badge and he just loved it!
When we got home I put them all down for a nap but Patricia wanted to cuddle in the chair and then so did leora. I rocked them for a little while and they were both falling asleep but then when Nate took the picture they both woke up. Still a cute pic:)

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