Monday, February 16, 2009

Play Date!

This first one is just a picture of Caden showing you his "Motorcycle" :) I found these little connecting toys at DI for 50 cents! At first Caden couldn't push them together but the other day he was able to do it! He worked really hard on this and was very excited that he was finally able to do it:)

OK. Here are the pictures of me and the girls playing together while the boys were sleeping and Misty was resting. First I did their hair... See, so pretty:)

Then I started gowing through a bag of boys clothes to give to misty and the girls wanted to try everything. That had lots of fun but then seemed to get really tough for the camera.

"Hug Sissy"
"I don't want to"

"Mommy said Hug me!"

Cool shoes Huh? They picked them out:)
Here are videos of the kids swinging!

Caden and Leora playing in the Gravle Pit:)
I don't remember what they are looking at but they look super cute!

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