Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bunches of Pictures:)

Pictures from Christmas Weekend!
Look at all that food!!!! Mmmmmm!

Drake was throwing fits outside so we had to come in and sit on the chair till he calmed down. It took 10 minutes but he finally did it and he stayed in the chair the whole time!
Body Art!

Drake's Fisrt time painting:)
Drake'd first day of walking. No video yet because he doesn't like to preform.
Caden discover climbing trees:)
We are loving the front yard! We have been spending most of our time out there this week because the weather is so nice! Here's Caden on the balance beam.
Caden is using a spoon to transfer the little cats and dogs. I've been doing a lot more pre school activities with him.
The Audi Nate got to drive home:)
Fruit Salad Picnic!
Peek a Boo!

Play ground

Nate laid down to strech his back and the boy drove the trucks on him.

Caden is sorting on the new mat that I made for him.

Drake being Drake:)

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